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  1. Headlines- Use attention-grabbing headlines try to appeal to your audience’s emotions – a shocking statistic or an inspirational quote.  People are more likely to remember your headlines so make them count.
  2. Use mnemonics – A mnemonic device is a memory aid, derived from the word Mnemosyne, the name of the goddess of memory in Greek mythology.  Mnemonic aids can be used in your website copywriting – acronyms, rhyming, an alliteration, analogy and metaphors.
  3. Tone – If you want your brand image to connote youth, energy and vibrancy, then you should begin writing your copy with that in mind.
  4. Stick to the brand name – Focusing on the brand name makes the product memorable for the consumer.  Be careful not to overdo it but use it where possible.
  5. Put yourself on the website – Remember that people buy from people.  Until the company name is a famous brand, use yourself.
  6. Use stories – Stories are more memorable as they will make your point in a tangible and real way.
  7. Use a repeatable message – If you expect your customers to remember your brand, you need to give them a message that is repeatable in their mind.
  8. Be distinct – Brands that differentiate themselves in the web visitors mind are much more likely to be remembered because they represent something new and different.
  9. Consistency – The key to building a memorable brand is consistency.  One of the best ways to increase your chances of being remembered is to keep a laser focus on what makes you unique.  Think of one thing you want your company to be remembered for, and keep this at the forefront of your mind.


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