How to create the perfect holiday home

Here are our top tips on how you can transform your property ready to host/ live in.

Update the exterior features

The exterior condition of a home is the first thing a guest will see. There are many ways you can update the exterior home in order to make it fit for holiday rental.


You want to make sure that the people staying in your property feel safe and welcome. This starts at the front door. You should install good quality front and back doors, as well as secure windows.

Improving your home’s security will prove to your tenants that you care about their safety, and will boost your reputation as a holiday rental provider.

Exterior repairs

Some ways you can improve your property to let is investing in features that will avoid the need for constant maintenance.

60% of property owners say that they have to do maintenance on their roofs at least once a year.

If you are renting out your home as a holiday let, you won’t want to be making constant repairs to your property, especially if people have booked to stay in it.

Investing in long-lasting features such as rubber flat roofing can save you money as a property owner, as well as keeping your property up to date and attractive to potential holidaymakers.

Painting your property is another way you can create an in-demand holiday home.

By doing simple tasks such as painting your property or hiring garden maintenance people to make sure your property looks and feels welcoming and is worth paying for.

Update the interior features

The interior features ar just, if not more important than the exterior features, after all, tenants will spend most of their time in the property. That is why you need to keep the interior up-to-date.


Having fast connecting wifi all-around your property is a must these days, especially if you are renting as a holiday let.

You will want to invest in wifi that can connect to several devices at once and can handle anything from browsing to downloading large files, including music and films.


One of the biggest downfalls of holiday homes is that they are often not pet-friendly.

Just under half of all holiday homes in the UK prohibit pets from being on the premises.

The attraction to British holiday homes is is often that holidaymakers don’t have to worry about finding care for their pet while they are away, as they can bring them at no extra cost.

If you want to reach a target a wider market, you should make your letting pet-friendly.


Stock up on essentials

The most important things to consider when making your property a holiday home is to provide daily living essentials. such as toilet paper and cleaning products.

If you do not provide your guests with essential daily items it can come across as lazy and will affect your profile as a rental. Therefore making sure you have things such as toilet paper and cleaning products.


The final tip for creating the perfect holiday home is having good interior features. This means that you should have simple, yet classy interiors to make the property more appealing because nothing puts a customer off a home more than a grubby, dirty looking interior.

Being simplistic with your design means that not only will the place look cleaner and more modern, but it will improve the practicality for various customers, from families with children to groups of young adults. Simplicity will inevitably reduce accidents.