Holidays in Magaluf majorca

Morning, noon, or night Magaluf offers plenty of entertainment and excitement for visitors. As one of the main tourist resort cities on Majorca, Magaluf specializes in providing the kind of fun that never ends. From days on the water and the beach to evenings in flashy nightclubs, Magaluf keeps visitors on the go. Relax, kick back, and enjoy the laid-back Magaluf lifestyle on a holiday that takes you away from the everyday.

Magaluf is located near the Majorca capital city of Palma. This makes the city close to a major airport and therefore very accessible to people flying in from all over Europe. Beautiful sunny weather all year long and gorgeous white sand beaches make Magaluf the destination of choice for people who want a holiday escape. Magaluf is also the place to see and be seen as its many hot dining spots and lively nightclubs can attest. This is a city where anything goes and relaxing days are often followed by wild nights.

The city boasts many hotel properties ranging from the affordable to the luxurious. This is a popular destination for travelers of all ages and the variety of available accommodations in Magaluf reflects this fact. University students can find a room that fits their limited budget, but the well-to-do businessman on holiday can also find lodgings that suit his lifestyle.

Regardless of which hotel you choose you will probably want to spend a great deal of time on Magaluf’s beaches. The city boasts two main beaches, Palma Nova and Magaluf, both of which offer plenty of fun and excitement. The waters are calm and pristine, perfect for snorkeling. Many tourists rent boats or take a glass bottom boat tour. Beach games like volleyball are almost always going on, but some people choose to simply relax in the white sand and bask in the glow of the Mediterranean sun.

Shopping is often a favored pastime while traveling and those who find themselves in Magaluf will find they have many interesting opportunities. The city does not have as many designer stores as the nearby capital city does. However, it does feature a plethora of local shopping opportunities. Many of these are souvenir stores geared specifically toward tourists. Others offer local handcrafts and clothing. Prices are generally quite competitive and low, making Magaluf an ideal shopping opportunity. Visitors should be aware that many shops close in the afternoon for a siesta, but reopen in the cooler evening hours.

As the sun goes down, thoughts naturally turn to food, drink, and dancing. Nightclubs are everywhere in Magaluf. Some of them are even within sight of the ocean. An area known as “The Strip” has the largest concentration of bars and nightclubs in the local region. This is the hot spot to be for a pub crawl on any night of the week.

Magaluf is a relaxed, laid-back destination where visitors are free to do as they like. There are no worries here, no stress, and no deadlines. It’s the ideal escape!