Five ways to integrate technology into your travels

In a perfect world we’d go travelling and wave goodbye to all the stresses of our normal day-to-day life. However, with technology playing such an important part of our lives these days you need to consider both managing and making the most of it, even when you’re on your travels.

Connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot

There are over 5 million BT hotspots in the UK and over 3 million overseas meaning that if you’re a BT broadband customer you’re never that far from connectivity.

When connected you can surf the web as much you please, safe in the knowledge you’re not racking up expensive Wi-Fi fees. If you’re planning on streaming or downloading then you definitely need to check your internet speed.


Don’t bother wasting money on expensive international phone cards and instead use Skype to communicate. If you’re connected to an aforementioned Wi-Fi hotspot you can Skype another user for completely free, meaning that even when you’re on the other side of the world you’re still in contact with your friends, family or colleagues.

Out of office replies

You may be glad to have gotten away from your sprawling and hectic email account, but you need to make sure that people know you’re not going to be able to reply for certain periods of time. Setting up an ‘out of office reply’ is simple across all email platforms such as Outlook and Gmail.

Record TV whilst you’re away

Gone are the days when going away would mean you’d miss your favourite TV programmes, whether it is Top Gear or Countryfile, and that’s thanks to remote recording.

On your BT TV guide you can search for upcoming programmes and simply set it up so they record automatically. You can even record whole series too.

Managing your mobile phone

Mobile phones are incredibly sophisticated these days, but they are still prone to the occasional downfall. When you’re travelling you need to make sure you turn ‘mobile data’ and ‘data roaming’ off to avoid any nasty shocks when you receive your next bill.

Although you may think simply avoiding phone calls and letting them go to voicemail is a safe bet, it’ll actually rack up extra costs so make sure you turn your voicemail off before you leave. If you really need to use your phone a lot then consider buying a roaming add-on from your provider.