Driving through Europe and America

For anyone with a love of travelling, finding their perfect destination is difficult. Both Europe and America have their fair share of key destinations but you need to be on your toes when driving through them!


First up is Europe. While this may be our own home continent that is not to suggest it’s an easy ride! You’ll find many different locations here so it’s important that you read up on the different rules surrounding roads and driving for each destination.

France may require you to carry a breathalyser in your car but what about Hungary? And how many European nations drive on the right hand side of the road?

You may also want to consider the purpose of your trip for guidance too. If you’re planning for dental treatment which is often more affordable abroad – see Hotel Dent for more details – then you’ll need to consider whether you’ll be able to drive at all times or if you’ll need help from friends and family.


Although many choose to fly from one area to another when in the USA, the real America is on the back roads. Travelling from Los Angeles to San Francisco with a stopover in Vegas and then a trip to Yosemite on the way is a great way to experience so much more of this vast country.

Instead of rushing through the airport or having to deal with astronomical delays, travelling by car will allow you to travel in your own time. You can stay longer in one place and less time in another, and driving on the cosmic open roads with a group of your best friends by your side is an experience like no other.

However, before you embark on such an adventure it’s important to consider a few factors. Prior to leaving it’s wise to invest in travel insurance, as the likes of medical bills and dental health abroad will cost you a great deal more than it will at home. If you can, ensure you have a check-up just before you leave the country.

If you want to save a little money whilst away, it’s wise to check the rates of a hire car beforehand. If this is to be your most extravagant holiday of the year, renting a true America classic is a great option.

Driving a Mustang through Ghost Town and Route 66 is an experience that should be on everyone’s bucket list but it’s a good idea to remember that the USA has different age limit restrictions when it comes to renting vehicles as the driver must be 25 years of age.

Prior to hitting the road, it’s wise to plan an itinerary. If you get lost en route, this could end up affecting your entire trip, especially if you only have the car for a few days prior to the next stop.

Depending on how you like to travel, booking accommodation as and when can work well for certain individuals. This allows them the freedom to stop as and when they please as opposed to racing to the next pit stop without fully appreciating the glory of the previous town.

As long as you know the route you intend to take boasts a number of hotel and hostel options along the way, you should have no problems when it comes to finding a bed for the night. Another alternative is to hire a camper van.