A Challenging Holiday in Lanzarote


A great resort which is very disabled-friendly is Lanzarote, part of the Canary Islands, and is about 125 km from the coast of Africa. This Spanish island is popular with tourists all year round, due to the mild to warm climate that Lanzarote enjoys throughout the year. During the first 10 months of 2017, there were over 8.3 million people who visited the Canary Islands, which shows you how popular they are as a holiday destination. If you search online you will be able to see plenty of websites which all offer mobility for hire when you arrive, which shows that the disabled traveller is catered for. Hotels and Airlines are also friendlier, offering facilities specifically designed to help and assist guests who may have a disability.

Doing Some Research Online

Although Lanzarote is a disabled-friendly holiday destination, this does not mean that all accommodation is suitable for the disabled traveler. You will want to do some research on the internet and find somewhere which will be suitable for your requirements, allowing you proper access and support during your stay. There are many companies that can offer you a full service including;

  • Flights

  • Transfers to and from the airport

  • Disabled-friendly hotel with full accessibility

  • Hire of a mobility scooter if required

  • Excursions


As a disabled traveler, you should get priority when boarding the airplane and all of this is usually arranged from when you book your ticket or check in for your flight. This will depend on the mobility that you have, and the less mobile the people are, the higher the priority. You will usually be one of the first to board the plane, and then once you arrive at your destination, you will be last to disembark. The airlines can arrange for a wheelchair if required, or you can also take your own if you have one. Transfer from the airport to the hotel of your choice can be arranged quite easily. They also offer the same service when you are returning to the airport to travel home, so you will not have to worry about this. Upon arrival at your chosen hotel, you should be able to access the lobby and all of the other amenities easily with ramps and lifts that are installed. If you require any assistance at all, all you need to do is ask. This is where it pays to learn a bit of Spanish, especially so you can thank people for their assistance. To make getting around the resort, no matter where you decide to stay on Lanzarote, you can arrange the hire of mobility scooters in advance so that you have one waiting for you when you arrive at your resort. You can usually book excursions through your hotel, so you can speak to someone about which excursions will be disabled-friendly and arrange some fun days out for everyone!

Enjoying Your Holiday

There are a lot of things to see and do in Lanzarote for both the able-bodied and also disabled traveler. You can go to Timanfaya National Park and take a tour on the bus. This park offers full facilities for the disabled, including a lift to get wheelchairs on and off the tour bus. Being a volcanic island the landscape is truly unique and very beautiful, if you are up for it you can even explore the Cueva de los Verdes, but access would be limited for the very immobile. You can even hire a car and go on a tour of the island, taking in as many of the wonderful beaches that you find around the island. There are a host of good quality eateries as well which offer a wide range of different foods from local and Spanish food, as well as a host of international dishes. So don’t worry, you can still get a good curry when you go on holiday to Lanzarote!

In many of the towns, the pavements and sidewalks are being updated to include ramps, making it easier for you to get out and explore the island and everything that it has to offer. Your only limits whilst on holiday in Lanzarote are your own desires, so have fun and enjoy it when you visit this wonderful Spanish Island.