How to Find Creative Uses For A Digital Camera When Traveling

Posted by admin | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 22-05-2018

Travelling can be a truly life changing experience and one that stays with you forever. Not necessarily for all the right reasons. One essential item for all travellers is a digital camera and you can actually use yours to help you keep yourself and your possessions safe while you are on your travels. There are lots of useful ways that you can use your digital camera be it an SLR or Bridge camera and here are some of the best.

Use your digital camera to take a photograph of your passport. Lock this photograph to your digital camera and also upload it to your e-mail account if you can and send yourself the photograph. This will ensure that if you are unfortunate enough to lose your passport that you will have the passport number and other details to hand to hopefully allow you to get a replacement passport as soon as possible and with minimal interruption to your travel plans. Having the information to hand can speed the process up immensely so this is a great idea.

Take a photograph of your name and address along with a made up poster offering a reward for the safe return of your camera. This could mean that if you are unfortunate enough to find your camera being lost while on your travels then hopefully someone will return it in exchange for the reward you‘ve advertised. This may not mean that you have your camera immediately after it is found but it may mean that you do not lose your expensive gadget!

If you find yourself travelling in a country where not much English is spoken then a fantastic way to ensure you can always make your way back to your hostel or hotel is to take a photograph of its sign as well as a picture of one or two streets that are very near by. This should mean that if you find yourself lost or just want to get a taxi home and have a language barrier then you can show off the photographs that you have taken and hopefully be delivered back to your hostel or hotel without having to try and flick through your translation guide.

If you are going to be parking your car or taking the bus or train then take a photograph of the stop that you got on at or the place where you parked your car. This will make it easy for when you want to find your car or travel back to the stop nearest your hostel or hotel.

Having a camera is a very useful tool. If you want to remember the streets you have walked past or the name of that fantastic restaurant or café that you found then why not snap a photograph. You will create some fantastic memories and if you need to find directions or work your way back to your hostel or hotel then you can do so with ease.