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The landscape and culture of Iron Age Britain changed dramatically when the Romans arrived in AD43. Considered to be a peripheral colony of the great Roman Empire, the invaders soon put their unmistakable stamp on the sprawling chaos of iron-age settlements. 25 planned towns were created, legionary fortresses were strategically placed around the country, and long straight roads were laid down to provide ease of communication between the military outposts. In the north, the massive Hadrian's Wall was constructed to define the limit of Roman rule, and in the southern part of the country, hundreds of villas were constructed during the 360 years of Roman occupation.

By the middle of the 5th century Jutes, Angles & Saxons had arrived on British shores and, before the end of the 6th century, Anglo Saxon England had emerged. Legendary Anglo Saxon Kings were to reign supreme for almost 600 years until the fall of King Harold with the Norman invasion of 1066.

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Wroxeter Roman City, Shropshire
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Wroxeter Roman City
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